Casinos on the Border

No need to go to Las Vegas to count on luck in the big luxury casinos! By visiting Foz do Iguaçu, you can easily visit casinos in Paraguay and Argentina quickly, easily and comfortably.
Argentina offers numerous casino options, the best known being the Iguazú Casino. The venue has an air-conditioned environment with Vips rooms for professional players, slot machines, Black Jack, American roulette and poker. The Iguazu Casino still has high quality international drinks and food.

In Paraguay it is worth checking the Gran Casino Parana, which also offers a nightclub for visitors. If you prefer you can also visit the Casino Acaray or Gran Casino Itaipu.
The Del Este Shopping Mall in Paraguay also offers a Casino for tourists. While your family does some shopping, you can bet your luck at the Casino Del Leste.