Three Borders Landmark

The obelisk is a tourist point that symbolically marks the triple border in their respective national colors: Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. Each of the three obelisks represents the sovereignty of the three nations and are situated on the banks of the Iguaçu and Paraná rivers. The demarcation is intended to represent equality and respect among three nations, and so, within this context, the three landmarks form an equilateral triangle.
The Brazilian landmark is located in the city of Foz do Iguaçu and was inaugurated on July 20, 1903, along with the Argentine landmark, located in the city of Puerto Iguazú and the Paraguayan landmark, which is in Presidente Franco. In the same place is the cornerstone “Memorial Cabeza de Vaca”, in homage to the discoverer of the Falls, Álvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca, who was the first European to discover the falls in 1542. The vision of the Brazilian landmark encompasses in a panoramic way the other two points, so it is fantastic to watch a sunset between the three countries, and to complete the image, we still have the strength of the rivers that cut the three countries.
The landmark is one of the main tourist attractions of the City of Foz and has its importance, symbolizing the meeting of three close Latin countries, with different languages, but have in common the meeting of the waters of its rivers.